The Benedict Option and The Future of the West
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Rod Dreher, author of New York Times best seller The Benedict Option, gives a lecture at the Danube Institute on March 9.
Danube Institute presents
The Benedict Option and The Future of the West 
a lecture by Rod Dreher
Winner of the Paolucci Book Award Honoring the year’s best conservative book
Date: March 9, 10:00 A.M.
Place: Danube Institute, 24 Eötvös u., Budapest 1067
already the most discussed and most important religious book of the decade.” (David Brooks, New York Times)
Rod Dreher, author of New York Times best seller The Benedict Option, will appear at the Danube Institute on Friday,
March 09 at 10:00 AM.
In his lecture Mr. Dreher will introduce his concept of the Benedict Option, a strategy for resisting the disintegration and fragmentation of post-Christian modernity, and talk about what it could look like specifically for Hungary. The gist of his
argument is that the only meaningful resistance to decadent Western-style late liberalism that can succeed will be one that is one firmly rooted in religion and tradition.
Rod Dreher is a writer of non-fiction books and senior editor at The American Conservative magazine. His writing focuses on the intersections among religion, culture, and politics. Dreher has been a columnist for the New York Post, the Dallas Morning
News, and National Review, among other publications.
His books include two New York Times bestsellers — The Benedict Option (2017) about which NYT writer David Brooks said,— and The Little Way of Ruthie Leming (2013), as well as volumes on topics as diverse as Dante Alighieri, and traditional conservatism in the modern world. He lives in his native south Louisiana with his wife and children, and is an Orthodox Christian.
Responding to Rod Dreher will be Gergely Bakos OSB and Miklós Szerdahelyi, founder of the blog ’Katolikus Válasz’.
Gergely Bakos OSB, is Chair of Philosophy at the Sapienta College of Theology of Religious Orders, specializing in medieval philosophy .  He holds a PhD from Leuven Catholic University; his thesis was published in the series ’Princeton Theological Studies’. He worked as a visiting professor at the Pontifical University of Sant’ Anselmo in Rome.  Gergely Bakos publishes regularly in Hungarian and international theological periodicals and is an editor of ’Sapientia’.  His most recent works center around the philosophy of religions and on philosophocal praxis.
Miklós Szerdahelyi is the founder of the Katolikus Válasz (Catholic Answers) blog, a lay initiative that besides apologetics provides local and worldwide news and commentary on issues not dealt with in the Hungarian mainstream Catholic media. Cardinal Leo Burke, alongside prominent Hungarian Catholic leaders, personally praised the initiative. Miklós Szerdahelyi holds an MA in International Relations and an MS in International Business, and he is also the translator of ‘Between Heaven and Hell’ by Peter Kreeft. He is married and the happy father of three children.
Date: March 9, 10-12 AM
Place: The Danube Institute, 24 Eötvös u. Budapest 1067

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