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Invisible Victims: Persecuted Believers and Western Governments
Past Events
An International Conference IN LONDON, organized by the Danube Institute and the New Culture Forum, April 9
The conference will seek to address the following:
• What is the extent and character of religious persecution and discrimination?
• What is the accuracy and quality of coverage of such persecutions by the media?
• What is the knowledge of Western publics on religious persecution and are public attitudes on it changing?
Speakers include:
Lord Alton, a human rights advocate for many years
Baroness (Caroline) Cox, distinguished humanitarian
Professor Stephen Bullivant, St. Mary’s University, Director Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society
Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach, an advocate of Christian responsibility in public life
Kishore Jayabalan, Director of Acton Institute, Rome
Professor David Martin Jones, Kings' College, London
Hajnalka Juhász, Ministerial Commissioner Responsible for International Relations in Relation to Humanitarian Aid Provided by Hungary
Miriam Lexmann, former Slovak diplomat and candidate to the EP
John O’Sullivan, President, Danube Institute
Mervyn Thomas, CMG founder and CEO of CSW, a human rights organisation
Damian Thompson, Editor in Chief, The Catholic Herald
Peter Whittle, Founder and Director, New Culture Forum

9:30                     Registration; coffee served
10:00                   JOHN O’SULLIVAN: INTRODUCTION
10:15- 11.00        KEYNOTE ADDRESS:
                            PERSECUTED BELIEVERS AND THE WEST
                            LORD ALTON
                           What is the actual extent and character of religious persecution, in particular of Christians, Yazidis, Zoroastrians,                              and Jews, but not omitting anti-Muslim prejudice in Western societies?
11:00-12.15 PM PANEL:  PERSECUTION, THE MEDIA, AND THE PUBLIC MERVYN THOMAS, CMG, Founder and CEO of                                    CSW;
                           DAMIAN THOMPSON, Editor-in-chief, The Catholic Herald;
                           PROFESSOR STEPHEN BULLIVANT, St. Mary’s University, Director Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and                                      Society;
                           How extensive is religious persecution? How good is media coverage of it? How well-informed are Western                                      publics about it? What do they think should be done?
12:15-1:00          Lunch
                           DAVID MARTIN JONES, KINGS COLLEGE, LONDON
 1:45-2:45           RESPONSES: HOW THE WEST ACTS.
                            MIRIAM LEXMANN, Former Slovak diplomat and candidate to the EP
                            KISHORE JAYABALAN, Director of the Acton Institute in Rome
                            BARONESS COX, Distinguished Humanitarian
2:45-3:00            Break; coffee served
                           HOW ARE THE CHURCHES RESPONDING?
                           LORD (BRIAN) GRIFFITHS (Moderator)
                           HAJNALKA JUHÁSZ Hungarian Ministerial Commissioner, Humanitarian Aid
4:00-5:00           Reception hosted by Hungarian Embassy

The Danube Institute is a Budapest-based think tank, conservative in cultural questions, classical liberal in economics, Atlanticist in foreign policy, and devoted to free and open debate. 

The New Culture Forum, a London based think tank has contributed fresh thinking to the public and political debate on the cultural issues of our time, challenging the cultural orthodoxies dominant in the media, academia, education, and wider British culture.


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