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Patrick Leigh Fermor: Noble Encounters Between Budapest And Transylvania
07/06/2018 5:00 p.m.
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Biographer Michael O’Sullivan talks about the great traveler, Patrick Leigh Fermor on June 7.
On June 07, 2018
Danube Institute Presents
Michael O’Sullivan
Author, foreign correspondent, broadcaster and biographer Michael O’Sullivan will discuss his book about the great traveler of his day, Patrick Leigh Fermor,
From the book’s website:
  “In March 1934 a young man stood midway on a bridge over the Danube which connected Czechoslovakia and Hungary. He was taking stock of a world which, ten years hence, like the very bridge he stood on, would no longer exist. Patrick Leigh Fermor had left London the year before, at the age of eighteen, to walk from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople to complete a journey which would later become the source for some of the best travel writing in the English language. As he stood on the Mária Valéria bridge, facing the ancient Hungarian city of Esztergom, he had no idea that he would one day become the chronicler of a form of social life which was soon to be extinguished by the vicissitudes of war and by the repression which so often went hand in glove with Communism…”
“Author Michael O’Sullivan has had access to the private papers and correspondence of many of Leigh Fermor’s hosts, has used extensive interviews with surviving members of these old noble families, delved into the Communist Secret Police archives and even met the last woman alive who knew Patrick Leigh Fermor in Transylvania in 1934.”
Patrick Leigh Fermor : Noble Encounters Between Budapest and Transylvania is the extraordinary story of how one unknown young man charmed his way into the castles, manor houses, beds and lives of some of the most influential people in a part of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire which was then on the cusp of tremendous change . This book records the history of a class, as witnessed by an exceptional young outsider in 1934 and also records what happened to many of them once the grim reality of Communism took hold in this part of East-Central Europe. It is also a portrait of Budapest in 1934, a grand city about to change forever.”
Joining Mr. O’Sullivan in the discussion will be Dr Tamas Barcsay, who was born in Budapest but spent his early childhood on his family estate, Gilau, in Transylvania  He is the great-nephew of Count Miklos Bánffy, former Hungarian Foreign Minister and author of "The Transylvanian Trilogy".
Michael O’Sullivan    
DATE: JUNE 07, 2018
TIME: 17:00 PM-19:00

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